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What to expect when you arrive and other helpful tips to make your trip to The Ice Maze even more enjoyable. 


  1.  All guests must stay on the groomed walking pathways.
  2. NO CLIMBING, standing, or sitting on any ice structure is not allowed and may result in significant injury.


  4. NO TOUCHING the hanging icicles in any manner.

  5. Children and minors must be accompanied by an adult who accepts full responsibility for the health, safety, and well being of the accompanying minors and to ensure that minors adhere to Rules.

  6. Pets are not allowed in The Ice Maze.

  7. Outside Food and Drink is not allowed inside The Ice Maze.


You will enter the Alaska State Fairgrounds at the main entrance with the big electronic sign and park in the Red Parking Lot straight ahead and to the right, follow the signs. The entrance to The Ice Maze is through the Green Entrance, right on the corner. There will be signs posted. 


You will stop at the ticket booth to either redeem your tickets or purchase tickets. Everyone in your party will need to sign a waiver. All adults will sign for themselves and responsible guardians will need to sign the waiver for minors. A copy of this waiver can be found here:


You will then be permitted to enter and will follow the sidewalk through the gate. A lit pathway will lead you to the Entrance of The Ice Maze. The entrance and exit are marked from the outside. Please do not enter through the exit! 


There will be an employee inside the maze to answer any questions and help if anyone is lost. He will be wearing a dark blue jacket with The Ice Maze logo on the sleeve. 


You may wander freely through the maze. We do ask that you stay on the groomed pathways and do not climb, sit, or stand on the ice.



The Ice Maze is an outdoor event during winter. Please dress appropriately. Warm jackets, hats, gloves, and boots are all recommended. You will be walking on crushed ice, so sturdy, warm footwear is ideal. Dress like you would if you were doing any other outdoor winter activity. 


There will be a porta-potty onsite. The indoor restrooms are closed. 


We ask that if you or any member of your party is not feeling well, to please not visit The Ice Maze. We will exchange your ticket for a different date. 

We recommend guests wear face masks, especially during times when The Ice Maze is more crowded. 

We sanitize the tablets regularly and provide hand sanitizer. 


The walkways at The Ice Maze are made of crushed ice and snow. It may be deeper in some areas or uneven and therefore difficult to push anything with wheels. We suggest that you either wear infants or pull young children in sleds instead of using a stroller or similar. 


Due to the nature of The Ice Maze, wheelchairs and scooters will not be able to make it through easily. The surface of the trails will be crushed ice and snow, groomed regularly, but it may be too deep for the wheels to move properly. We want everyone to be able to explore The Ice Maze, but they must do so safely. As an alternative to a wheeled mode of transport, we suggest that sleds be used instead of wheelchairs or scooters. Sleds are not provided by The Ice Maze, but guests are welcome to bring their own. We suggest selecting a sled that is a good fit for the size, mobility and weight of the ADA guest. The person in the sled must be transferred in and out of the sled and pulled around by a member of their party, not by an employee of The Ice Maze or Fairgrounds.


We love dogs! But, unfortunately, no, dogs are not allowed at The Ice Maze. Dogs are not allowed at the Fairgrounds at all. 

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